About Me

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I have been fortunate to travel and enjoy wonderful opportunities across the globe, and am pleased to now find myself grounded in the beautiful region of Central New Hampshire. My days are full of working with clients and their horses, playing with my dog, riding my horses, and building an equine-centered community resource center and boarding facility. Check it out at www.ancora-imparo-equine.com!

I enjoy all horses! My general area of focus is working with clients who are frustrated with persistent low-grade or intermittent lameness (especially those horses who have had prior difficulty with attempts at transitioning to barefoot) and are looking for a farrier that provides a wider breadth of solutions. Barefoot, shod, or any combination therein... I’m in it for the horse’s comfort, and believe excellent communication is key!

I’ve  had a life-long passion for horses. I became deeply immersed in the art of horsemanship while under the tutelage of my first mentor. By the age of thirteen, I had a barn full of students and was myself taking lessons daily. My instructor, a quiet master of horsemanship and dressage, shared knowledge with me that I am still assimilating to this day. 

I was blessed with a herd of three incredibly sound horses that carried me through my teen years. I never gave much thought to farriery, aside from scheduling regular trims. None of my horses needed to be shod, and being barefoot was not a novelty or an agenda... it was simply the most logical option for the horses I had. If any of them had needed shoes, they would have had them. I was always concerned with proving to myself that the decisions I made regarding the care for my horses was in their best interest, and had one of them shod for a rotation one summer, "just to see." It did not alter her performance either positively or negatively, and so we decided to not waste money shoeing her.

And then, years later, with my current herd, it all fell apart! My then-farrier, Laurie Lockwood, told me she would be retiring in a year, so I started the search for a replacement. It was one fiasco after another. It seems so basic… show up, treat the horse with dignity, and don’t make them worse than they were before you got there! And yet, it was one bad experience after another.

So, I called Laurie again, and begged her to come trim my mare for me. Still having no idea what I was talking about, I asked if I could ride around with her for a day, so that I could learn how to trim my own horse… as if this was something that could be learned in a day! Consequently, I became incredibly immersed and apprenticed with her until she retired. After countless apprenticeships, clinics, courses, and now years in the business, it is still her common-sense approach that guides my work.

With all these experiences (and more!) in mind, I look forward to meeting you, and developing a relationship with you and your horse that is based on mutual respect and consideration. I am a firm believer that my actions and the theories I promote should be based on reality, research, and sound reasoning. I promise to never be invested in my opinions, and to never sacrifice your horse based on an emotional response, poorly conducted "research", or an allegiance to an agenda. I will do whatever it takes to find the best solution for YOU and YOUR HORSE.