How Can I Set My Farrier Appointment Up For Success?

To set your horse up for a successful appointment, please consider the following:

-Ensure that there is a covered, clean, level, and dry environment that your horse is confident being in. It's a good idea to regularly spend time handling your horse's hooves in this location.

-Make sure there is adequate lighting, especially during short winter days.

-In the summer months, your horse will appreciate an effective bug spray and box fans to blow the bugs and heat away.

-If your horse will be getting shoes, casting, or hoof repair services, please make sure that there is a working electrical outlet within 20 feet of where I can park my truck, and that there is room for my truck within 30' of where I will be working on your horse.

-It is highly recommended that the horse be able to stand on wood, concrete, stall mats, or other similar solid surface during the appointment. This will prevent the hoof and any treatments from being contaminated with debris, provide a safer environment for everyone, and allow for better visual evaluation of your horse's postural and hoof balance!

- If you will not be at your horse's appointment, please touch base with the person who will be handling the horse prior to the appointment. Payment can be left with them, or you can contact me in advance with credit card information.

- Let me know about any changes in your horse, whether they be mental, emotional, or physical. If you think you would like to experiment with a different treatment option, contact me in advance so that there is plenty of time allotted and appropriate inventory on the truck.