Stacia has been our farrier for 3 years ever since we moved up to New Hampshire.  We are huge "Stacia fans" and have recommended her work to all of our horse-owning friends.  When we hear "Stacia," we think:

STEADY:  Admit it - horse people (and we're pointing at ourselves) can be flakey at times.  Stacia is not.  She is organized, efficient, and ALWAYS on-time.

TEACHING:  Stacia is a teacher at heart.  She works with us and our kids, explaining what she is doing and what we can do to help our horses improve.

ATTENTIVE:  She isn't a one-trim/shoe fits all farrier.  Stacia evaluates each horse, develops an individualized hoof care plan for them, then continues to modify that plan based on the progress the horse makes.

COST:  She is also cost-conscious.  Knowing that we're on a tight budget, Stacia has modified our care plan, giving us options that fit within that budget without compromising our horses' health.

IMPROVEMENT:  Stacia is extremely knowledgeable and spends significant effort maintaining and updating that knowledge.

ADAPTABLE:  One of our horses was having progressively-worse navicular problems.  Stacia took the vet's recommendations for shoes, then "tweaked" them over time to work on his specific issues.  Zip will never be able to lope for long periods, but he went from being unable to be ridden back to being a great trail horse for our kids.

Finally, Stacia is patient with both horses and humans, and a pleasure to work with.

Pat and Martha Testerman, Chichester

I highly recommend Stacia Langille. Her work is top notch, attention to detail like no other, and her knowledge of the entire horse really helps keep the horses here at Trinity Stable in Canterbury NH sound and happy. She will even work with your horse on the ground to build a better relationship. A true horsewoman.

Great to have Stacia work with my horses.  She really knows her stuff, and provides wonderful care for each horses needs.  She is honest and reliable, and I always look forward to seeing her. - Carol Owen 

I leased my horse out in june of 2011. I got him back in july 2013. He was 300lbs underweight and hadnt had his feet done in 8 plus months. I called Stacia Langille and she came out first thing the following morning. She stated we caught renegades feet in time before any damage had set in. His feet were bad enough that it had caused his back to be sore and it had formed a lump. Once stacia did his feet that day that lump almost completely disappeared overnight. My horses whole body and mind seemed better. He actually started running and bucking again. He was his old self again. Stacia always gives great advice and always listens. Her recommendations have been spot on. She is always on time and very effiecent. I highly recommend her to anyone. - Suzanne Bruedle

Stacia has been amazing with our horses and am so thankful we found her when our previous farrier got sick. She has always been completely upfront and professional while providing great care. One of our horses can be difficult to handle and she is always calm and patient with him. He is also getting older and Stacia has been so accommodating to his special needs. 
When I moved my horse to a different area she had a great recommendation for a new farrier, even offering to travel if I couldn’t find anyone. Then, when I moved him back I had her transport him. It was a great trailering experience for once! The trailer was in terrific shape and she encouraged me to take my time loading so neither of us felt rushed. Thanks for everything Stacia!! - Nicole Delanoy

Just a note while I am thinking about horse feet… after these five weeks since last seeing you, Emiliano  has continued to hold a nice shape in his hooves and the break-over is much better  than it was before shoes. I do believe that the “orthotics”, set out what we intended to have happen, that is,  to allow hoof growth without wear in order to establish a better hoof balance after his injury. -JL

Stacia is amazing with horses! I was a little nervous about my 6 yr old TB mare getting her feet done and Stacia was very gentle with her and she even fell asleep!! Stacia is VERY knowledgeable and was great at explaining things to me. I would recommend her to anyone I know that has horses!! -BM

Stacia is the only farrier who really understands my horse and his needs! And hes quite a needy boy...hes not an easy horse to work on! Its been a positive experience everytime. He is moving beautifully again and I'm so greatful! Thanks Stacia!! -TP

Just had Stacia up to give the Cisco Kid a new pair of shoes. This was an absolutely wonderful experience. Stacia is very professional in her work and, in our opinion her progressive nature is equal to none. Always with the horses comfort the priority. Thanks Stacia! -DH

I can attest to Stacia's wonderful way with horses ! My horse was your basic Pain in the A. Pulling away was his specialty. His first real farrier worked very hard with him and they reached a great understanding. Kudos to my friend Laurie! 
Then Stacia came along and I could see he decided to go back to his old ways.
She won him over. That's saying something. When he got cranky, she laughed along with him. In no time at all, he was "in like" with her. He had that, "oh, hi.'s it goin'?" thing going on. He tested her, she passed, and they made friends. How cool is that?? -LW

Thank you for taking such good care of my ponies and Penny's feet! Penny always looks forward to your visits and we do too - KL