Services & Pricing

As both a farrier and horseowner, I believe in doing what is best for the horse. Even with our best efforts, domestic horses have a variety of physical, environmental, and dietary assaults inflicted upon them. With the correct supportive conditions, I am a firm believer in the improved health and function of the barefoot hoof. Whenever possible, I am a strong advocate for keeping a horse barefoot.

That being said, each horse has a unique situation, and as a farrier I am dedicated to finding the solution that works best for your particular horse. Just as each person will prefer a different type of sneaker, each horse will perform best with a podiatric package that addresses their individual biomechanics. This is determined prior to each trim during your horses Hoof Balance Evaluation.

Payments received more than 1 week past their date of service will be assessed a 10% late fee.

Hoof Balance Evaluation and Trim
$55 for Average Horse
$65 for Draft Cross / Warmblood (size 3+)
$75 Full Draft
$45 Mini's
Donkeys and Mules welcome!
Size 000-2 ~ $55/pair + Trim
Size 3-4 ~ $65/pair + Trim
Aluminum, add $20/pair
Composite Nail-On's ~Price Varies
There are many different styles of steel and aluminum shoes available, all of which have their pros and cons depending on their application. They key is applying the right shoe, and fitting it so it best helps your horse. 

Winter Shoes: $30/pair, inc. pads and studs

Leather/Plastic/Rubber Pads/Shims: $30/pair
Used achieve postural balance and additional protection.

Pour-in Pads: Priced by product used
Pour-in Pads are used for a variety of therapeutic purposes, and are custom applied based on the needs of your horse.

Stud Holes Drilled and Tapped: $10/pair
You supply the studs recommended by your trainer
Glue-On Shoes: Price Varies 
There are a plethora of options available for glue-on shoes, and I have a wealth of experience with their application. The various methodologies all have their place, and can be beneficial to a variety of hoof pathologies where the support of a shoe is required but the use of nails is not the preferred or best alternative. Individually priced based on the shoe and glue combination used.

Hoof Casting:  $50/pair 
A protective cast for the hoof. Hoof casting can be applied alone, or in combination with shoes or other composites. It is ideal for horses growing out cracks, transitioning to barefoot, on horses that have difficulty holding shoes, growing out abscesses, treating thrush (holds in medication and keeps it clean), and a myriad of other uses. Casting is an excellent occasional or short term alternative to shoes and boots for many horses, and will generally last 4-7 weeks. Guaranteed for 2 weeks. Pricing includes solar treatments/pads for thrush, thin soles, etc.  I am happy to show you how to apply hoof casting alone, so you can use it as needed for additional protection.